connecting with Asian Americans at rare event

Here at the Asian American Leadership Conference, an encouragement kind of conference that comes around less often a blue moon. The last one was in 2004. Over 300+ people here, lots of seasoned veterans as well as next gen pastors and ministry leaders. Link love to the others here: Peter Ong, LT “abcpastor” Tom, Eugene Cho, Daniel “headsparks” So, Gideon Tsang, Tommy Dyo, Bumble Ho, Ken Fong, Daniel Eng, Dave Gibbons, Brian Kim… Okay, I’m going to get in trouble for leaving people out, so let me just apologize for forgetting anyone with a blog that didn’t come to top of mind.

I did a Technology 101 seminar with my friend Phillip Kim of Platt Design Group. Here is a PDF of my handout with lots of links mentioned. [also view in browser] And you can listen to the audio too (runtime 1:03:34):


I talked about web stuff in a quick overview: websites, blogging, email newsletter, and podcasting. Phillip had the eye candy, lots of cool photos of fantastic sets and stages that their company has put together for Sea World, businesses, and churches with incredible combo of lighting + sound + video equipments.

Best compliment I just heard was from a non-techie saying that both of us kept it very accessible and we avoided jargon. Whew!

[update] not a lot of blog buzz about this AALC 2008, partly b/c the venue was not Wifi enabled. Daniel Eng posted summaries of each day: 1 and 2.

[update 2] Peter Ong has 77 photos from AALC 2008 over at flickr.

DJ and Peter Ong

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  1. Thanks for the link love, DJ! it was great to see you in all your orange-ness. I’ll let you know if there’s anything else I come across! Keep up all your good work for God’s kingdom!

  2. Steve Hu says:

    DJ, good to meet you even so briefly at AALC. I’ll send over my paper when I get back to East Coast.

    When I was at AALC I get introduced to Gideon and then realized we had worked together back in college one summer. Small world. Never figured he would be pastoring.

  3. Peter says:

    I will see you soon mr. chuang! looking forward to it!