connect at Christian Web Conference 9/11-12

There are few places where followers of Christ can gather and thoughtfully reflect the impact of new media (internet, web, social media, and all that jazz). There used to be the Internet Ministry Conference, and used to be GodBlogCon.

Now there is Christian Web Conference! It’s happening just a month away, September 11-12, at Biola University. (That’s the Los Angeles area, for those of you considering travelling in from afar.) Here’s how the conference is describe itself:

Christian Web Conference is dedicated to fostering fellowship and establishing real life communities among Christians employing web 2.0 technologies to christianly influence the world. The power and appeal of web media technologies is vast. These technologies provide Christians with a new set of Great Commission opportunities.

And how they’re looking to do that:

The Christian Web Conference fosters community and learning through a combination of, idea roundtables sessions, and meal-time fellowshipping with web media experts. Attendees should expect to meet and interact with some of the top intellectual Christian web users in order to form friendships, learn how to improve their web media knowledge and ability from experts, and participate in vision casting for Christian use of web technologies.

Some great people will be there. I can make it to a part of it. How about you?

Add a reply for a 25% discount off registration! First 10 comments on this blog post will get discount code & instructions via email. Currently registration is $60; with the discount, that’d be $45.

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20 Responses

  1. marcpayan says:

    thanks DJ…

    I plan to go, but have yet to register so this discount works out great!

  2. Josh Roberts says:

    Would love to have the discount code. Thanks DJ!

  3. Peter Wilson says:

    I would love the discount as I'm planning on going! Thanks.

  4. Matt Armstrong says:

    Hello, I posted on here earlier. How do I get the discount code?