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Here at the 8th annual English Ministry Pastors’ Conference in Anaheim, California until Wednesday noon. I’ll blog about it more at the L2 blog, but I will not be live-blogging out of respect for the conference organizers and participants. From my estimation, 99% of the attendees are of Korean descent, with 2 of us who are Chinese, and 1 attending today is Japanese. Met (yet another) pastor who reads this blog but hasn’t yet commented, and maybe will meet Billy Park in person too — he’s on the registered attendee list, but hadn’t seen him yet.

The host church, Sarang Community Church, is providing great hospitality and excellent perks for the techies too — every table has a power strip (for laptops, of course) and free wireless internet is turned on in the conference meeting room!

My sleep patterns have been erratic, so I’m going to have to pace myself instead of running on adrenaline. Will meetup with my in-laws for dinner on Wednesday.

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  1. Wilbur says:

    Hey DJ, well, your RSS feed caught me so… we’re actually in the same part of the country @ the same time! Please give greetings to Mike Oh for me… it’d be great to fig out how to catch you – Ana & I are here in LA/SoCal seeing friends, family & supporters & attending a friend’s IMB appointment service this week until Saturday… my cell is the same. At the least hope we can connect by phone…

  2. djchuang says:

    Wilbur, thanks for the comment and the effort. I know we’ve tried touching base via email and voice mail, and unfortunately our schedules didn’t work out on this go around. Trust you’ll have a good visit in SoCal and you’re enjoyed married life! 🙂

  3. Billy Park says:

    It’s funny that you mentioned my name here. I had to back out at the last minute from the conference. I paid my registration, booked my flight, but decided at the last minute to stay home with my pregnant wife (due in about 6 weeks). I check your website from time to time. It’s amazing how you and David Park and Sam Shin are able to post so often. I have not been able to keep up. I’ll stick to reading for now. I’ll probably order your new book when I get some time to read a new book.

    Anyway, thanks for mentioning my name. It would have been good to talk to you face to face.

    Billy Park