competition is such a turn off

Some people love competition, whether it’s getting motivation to win because they can beat someone else or because it raises their level of performance towards excellence and the best they can be. With the popularity of sports, sure there are lots of people who like competition.

Of course, I like to win and don’t like to lose. And yet, for me, I don’t have a drop of competitive juice in me. Competition seems like a win-lose proposition to me. That’s a big turn-off — whether it’s winning over business competition, or beating the other team(s) in sports, or getting on top lists of whatever.

Is there a better way? The idealistic me thinks so. I’d much rather win together. Collaborate. Cooperate. I’d much rather work together and play together. Leave no one behind.

I confess I don’t get the competitive person. Would you add a comment and explain it for me? How can competition be a good thing and how can we keep its dark side from showing up?

Aside: my inclusion score on the FIRO-B is off the chart, wanting to include everyone for everything. Using that FIRO-B terminology, I’m an “oversocial / abdicrat/ overpersonal” type. This means I don’t have the Type-A OCD (obsessive-compulsive) personality that may be typical of a competitive person, but I do have my own personalized version of neurosis.

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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Only losers think that. Okay, just kidding. Your post made me think. I consider myself competitive, but in a fun way. Like in tennis, we mostly hit the ball around and play without points, but it’s nice to change things up to play for points because it puts a little more pressure in playing. It’s not like I want the other person to lose… usually both of us end up playing better, but in the end, yes, someone loses. And it’s usually the guy who plays against me. evil laughter. ha ha, just kidding. hope everything’s going well with you, DJ!