comparing Rick Warren to Bill Clinton

I’m delighted to see Rick Warren getting the spotlight and handling it adeptly, recently being featured in Newsweek as 1 of 15 who make America great [ht: jollyblogger, who blogs at a brisk and verbose pace, and now deconstructs Pastor Rick].

Rick Warren makes America great

My brush with greatness has happened 3 times: 1st in the greeting line when I visited Saddleback in 1999 when he gave me a pat on the back; 2nd at a leaders conference I ran in 2001, and Rick took time during his vacation to hang out with us several times; 3rd at another conference and he gave me a hug. [update: Rick Warren is now blogging!]

Not only is Rick taking the speaking invite to North Korea (postponed), he’s also taken an invite to (controversially) speak at a Jewish Synagogue last month. I didn’t find a lot of buzz about this speaking gig, but I did find this remark by Rob Eshman in his color commentary about Rick’s Synagogue visit:

… I thought of the only other person I

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  1. Rick Moore says:

    I know Rick Warren. Rick Warren is a friend of mine. Bill Clinton is no Rick Warren 😉

  2. BK says:

    Rick Warren is number 2 on this list