comparing people groups

My local newspaper, The Gazette, published this article, Achievement gap for blacks, Latinos blamed on culture, again revisiting the old and tired issues of SAT scores. This article cites recent our county public school’s press release, MCPS Seniors Top 1100 Average SAT Score Once Again: 7,355 Seniors Taking Exam Sets New Record; African American and Hispanic Students? Participation Increases the Most.

What I dislike about these analysis is the misnomer that differences are related to race or ethnicity, when in fact it’s more likely the differences are due to socio-economic matters.

It’d be much more interesting to see how SAT scores might compare between other aggregate groupings, like by height, by weight, by family median income, and other segmentation. Want to make a big deal about taller people having higher SAT scores? This kind of analysis would then demonstrate how comparison of scores based on aggregate groups to be pretty much arbitrary. And if indeed arbitrary, let’s work on solutions that actually address real problems.

SAT scores by ethnicity

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