comparing 3 Christian conferences and more

Soularize is another one of those emerging/emergent church kind of conferences, this time set for the Bahamas end of October 2007. To promote the event, they put together this compelling comparison chart:


Save $50 for early registration to Soularize before September 1.

What was conspicuously missing from the above chart was The Emergent Gathering in Glorieta NM this October, which only costs $75 per person. Big value here is NO main speakers, lots of unstructured peer-to-peer conversations, lots of free-flowing options. There’s a 59% forecast that I might make it to Glorieta myself this year (for the first time at that), since it is very close to Santa Fe.

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  1. gavin says:

    i would have put in here a travel / housing option… just another piece of comparison that would be somewhat important.

  2. gavin,

    WE DID…

    and Soularize was $59 – $163 CHEAPER… check it out, the same link as DJs above.

    since we did the comparison FARES HAVE DROPPED to the Bahamas

    From New York – Jet Blue $69 each way, share hotel at $50 a night = $340 (airfare, 4 nights)
    From Chicago – WITH YOUR SPOUSE for $508 each FOR A WEEK (RT airfares 6 nights)
    Check out package deals from your city at

    DJ, the comparison charts were mostly done tongue in cheek – but it was surprising. i love the gathering in glorieta. i went last year, i think they are different, but now that you are in the OC you will find it costs the same to fly to the bahamas from LAX, as it does to fly to ABQ and rent a car for the 1.5 hour drive to glorieta… it’s all in the way you look at it…

    let’s grab a drink soon, since we are neighbors…

  3. gavin says:

    hey fancy that.

    i took the list as tongue and cheek fun. so my comment was such too. i know from doing trips down there that the airfare is comparable.