comments overheard about Erwin McManus

So, I’m at the National Pastors Convention. I missed Tuesday’s main session, where Erwin McManus spoke cleverly, in fine form, confounding many of the older people in the audience, and jazzing up the (fewer) younger crowd. I’m told by a reliable source. And, then, I hear comments like these:

Erwin looking emo

See for yourself. What would you say?

Erwin McManus at NPC

[update] you can listen to a 5-minute excerpt of Erwin McManus, saying he was nervous, Speaking of Faith‘s Krista Tippett interviewing Greg Boyd in a panel, and many other NPC speakers too.

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No Responses

  1. Ben Pun says:

    i agree, the floppy hair look is not very becoming on erwin. but perhaps in l.a….?

  2. Lon says:

    thank you, i’ve been waiting for someone else to come out and say something about that hair-do of his the last year… i love him, but it’s totally distracting!

  3. Johnny Laird says:

    ..lovin’ the comments about Erwin’s hair! 😉

    I’m sure he has a sense of humo(u)r

    Peace & blessings