closer together

maybe they?re onto something.. I?m hearing a reverberating theme of doing life together in close friendships, and to me, that feels like it?s a lot closer to what church life should really be, even though I?ve never experienced it on a church-wide level myself. (should I just move ?cross country so I might have a better shot at experiencing it on this side of heaven?)

.. it sounds like it?s at Jacob?s Well, where Deanne described it as? ?From the beginning, we’ve put community before program, authenticity before appearance, questions ahead of answers, all ahead of few or one. As a result, the way we ‘do church’ feels different, even though it doesn’t really look all that unique. Our music sounds the way it does because it is made by people who are engaged and invested in our community. Our weekly worship gatherings aren’t programs put on by a paid staff or a group of selected peformers for an audience of consumers; they are the collaborative outcome of efforts put forth by people who live life in proximity and in transparency with one another.? [emphasis mine]

.. and it sounds like it?s at Bridgeway.. as David Anderson described how they do life together at their church with intentional deep interracial friendships.. heard it described so genuinely on Reconciliation Live, a brand new radio call-in show that actually encourages honest conversations on race relations and multicultural ministry. I?ll be tuning in every Sunday night, 9-11pm Eastern time, and you can hear it on the web too.

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