cleaner look and feel

After an intensive weekend of tweaking and adjusting PHP pages, I’ve gone ahead and launched a redesign here at!

This is based on the WordPress theme called unsleepable, which itself is an adaptation of the robust K2 theme. Instead of tinkering to make more changes behind the scenes (using the Preview Theme plugin, I could preview the home page while logged in as admin, unbeknownst to website visitors), I’ll unveil it and let you see this work in progress.

Having this old website that dates back to 1997 or so, and a blog that dates back to 1999, it’s quite a herculean effort to get things updated to current de-facto design standards. Plus, it doesn’t help that my many pages of information do not conform to standard hierarchies (no surprise there, eh?) … all this to say that some things may be broken, but the overall design, look and feel, is much easier on the eyes.

[update: just found out a few days earlier on 5/1 was a special CSS Reboot day, when 100s (or 1000s) of websites launched a CSS standard-based redesign!]

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No Responses

  1. tony sheng says:

    I like it. Nice and very crisp and clean!

  2. David Park says:

    love the new look! bravo!

  3. Sivin Kit says:

    Nice .. love it!

  4. aus_chick says:

    I like it :-). Eventually I’ll make the switch!

  5. daniel li says:

    looks great. it’s inspired me to stop putting it off and do a redesign myself.

  6. Elijah says:

    Nice! I love the K2 theme. It’s got so much. Did you know it even has a mobile skin built in, so k2 sites are pda friendly. 🙂