clash of cultures

the clash of the titans is well underway online, Chuck Colson in one corner [re: the demise of postmodernistic relativism], and Brian McLaren in the other (in PDF format) [re: the emerging church’s missionally engaging the prevailing culture].. or, read it in good ol’ HTML, Justin Baeder’s posted it in entirety (thanks Justin!)

my favorite counter-punch by Brian was parenthetically stated: “(Everyone knows how a good enemy is a fundraiser’s best friend.)”

I find myself often referring to the dialogical book, Church in Emerging Culture, twice in one day, yesterday, in fact, to 2 very different inquiries.. and it baffles me why this book has yet to generate more buzz as [what I think is] the watershed book of our times.. I’ll admit I have not yet read it cover to cover, but all the pages I’ve gleaned over thus far, speaks volumes, from the stronger voices arising out of the various streams of Christendom..

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  1. bill bean says:

    So what is it about this book that strikes you?