churches reaching next gen Asian Americans

Over at the L2 Foundation blog, I’ve posted my presentation (slides + audio) from last weekend, titled “How Churches are Reaching Asian Americans“, presented in Oakland/ East Bay area at the ISAAC Chinese Churches Consultation and at Bay Area Chinese Bible Church.

Much of this presentation is based upon the 9/26 presentation titled “Revitalizing Asian American Churches for New Generations” — with a broad overview of the opportunity for reaching Asian Americans nationwide, and 6 stories of next generation multi-Asian/ multi-ethnic churches around the country. It’s not just a west coast phenomena. I’ve given more thought about the common characteristics of these churches, and included it towards the end of my talk.

What I’m enjoying about these talks (I gave it 3 times last weekend) is the Q&A discussion time I set aside, about 35-45% of the time at the end. Each group brings out different questions, insights, and perspectives — several have turned into robust conversations.

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