Churches + Cultures Interconnectivity

Here’s my recurring meta-theme, the intrigue of the interconnectivity and interplay of churches and cultures, and that’s one reason why Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives is a watershed and critical book to me.. I like it that a mainstream conversation is willing now to wrestle with this interplay, rather than to lock it away in academia — where I do not have access b/c I’m not pursuing a Ph.D. and don’t care to.

one thought on the book, then my own rant.. the 2×2 matrix is a stifling grid, and fails to pull in another dimension; we find it more helpful to think of it as a cube, there’s a 3rd axis for “form”, the look & feel of the worship experience and theological ruberic.. for R being the artistic soul, she gets stifled where the message and method aren’t aligned with a form that engages the culture, for her strategically urban + cosmopolitan.. and I’d imagine there are more dimensions (but with this being a blog entry, thoughts are not well-formed nor edited.. they’re just expressed in the moment..)

See, it’s this whole interplay of between churches and cultures that permeate my mind’s backburners.. why is there such a lack of dialogue about this interplay in my contexts (or any context, for that matter), among the Asian American, multiracial, postmodern, and theological diversity of the world.. the world is comprised of many cultures and sub-cultures, and yet most constructs and models of doing church, be it a denominational form (cf. Baptist cookie-cutter units in the Bible belt), liturgical form (cf. Orthodox), a modern boomerish megachurch form, an ethnic form, a demographic form (cf. young adults night worship), segment the body of Christ into small-minded narrowband morsels. We (R & I) want to experience the bigger wholeness of the Body of Christ and its multi-faceted expressions of worship, and in the reality of this world, it looks like multi-churching – on a good weekend, it’s getting in 3 or 4 worship services.. and this is not consumer-mindedness mind you, this is to awaken our souls to the fuller-ness of who God is, and how he is expressed in and through the lives of his peoples!

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