church vs the real world

i?ve been on a tangential spiritual path, and discovering the separatistic great wall of the churched and unchurched.. having vested over a decade past in typical contemporaryish genericized church (many formed by the same 2 sources of Willow and Saddleback [btw, Rick is much more friendly]), it?s been refreshing to discover fuller dimensions of life outside of those constraints.. so much church life is structured thus to be life consuming [the perpetual recruiting of volunteers to serve the inexhaustible needs of church members and sometimes even community members] rather than life inspiring, that would launch people into doing greater meaningful things in life and society.. as Jordon observed, ?I was really struck by how much more I enjoy the blogs outside the church. They seem to be full of so much more? well? life and joy.?

To be fair, or, to give a bigger picture, there are boring uninteresting people inside of church as there are outside, or shall I say it this way, people are people, whether spiritually constrained or free spirited normal people, many (most?) people live with the ebb and flow of marketing themes, societal influences, natural desires and instincts.. people are just human beings in the real world + there is a matrix..

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  1. danny yang says:

    yes, i agree with all the comments about constantly adding to church, the simple church of acts 2:42-47, drain and exhaust one from being fully who God intended us to be– teaching Christ with our lives outside of the church.but… comparing relationships to blogs… that’s somewhat artificial because blogs are artificial. they are selective in what is posted or shared. blogs are manipulative pieces of art– intended to draw readers back by revealing a selectively chosen compartment of my’s easy to ignore a person on a blog. it’s so much more awkward to ignore a person who’s breathing exhaling carbon dioxide into your personal space…