church conference out in the sticks

Charles Hill (@chazdaddy) is at it again! He put together THE STICKS conference last year in Loudonville, Ohio. This year it’s in 3 locations:

The Sticks
Keep up with the latest at The Sticks conference blog, with surprising stories like how Charles Hill who had launched The Sticks conference in Ohio, along with New Hope Community Church there, is now in process of moving to Salt Lake City, Utah. Yes, right smack dab in the middle of Mormon country. I don’t think he’ll be having a tabernacle choir in his new ministry. (cf. news article about his move)

I first met Charles back in May 2008 at the Purpose Driven Summit, and connected him in to tell about his church and his vision for The Sticks conference. Nothing like hearing it first hand from the visionary founder (that’s true for practically every new endeavor — we want to hear it straight from the founder.) Fast forward to the 9:15 mark in the video to see me jump in the video conversation.

I grew up in Winchester, Virginia (population 20,000), so I know what it’s like to live in a small town. Although, more recently, some of these small towns within driving distance of a larger city are now becoming micropolitan.

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