church attendance, high or low?

depending on who?s counting, church attendance in the US has grown in the past 200 years to around 61% (est. 2000, cf. The Churching of America, by Finke & Stark), declined 5% to 55% in 1998 (cf. U.Michigan Institute for Social Research, which found church attendance declining 16 of 20 advanced industrial democracies), 44% weekly church attendance (cf. cited U.Mich ISR?s 1997 statistic), 8% decline to 41% (in 1999, cf. Barna Research Group), the commonly cited 40% church attendance (in 1996, cf. National Election Studies stat at, or 20% actually attended church in random sampling survey (cf. Religion Online article), suggesting that surveyed people might say they attend, when they actually don?t.

Doesn?t the 10 commandments have something to say about not lying? Ten Commandments Project was founded by a retired flower shop owner who would pay $10 to children under 16 to memorize the 10 Commandments.. heard on radio that he?d gotten more than 15,000 responses, ran out of money, so the project?s on hold..

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