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Shel picked up on Michael Hyatt, President & CEO of Thomas Nelson, as a daring example of corporate blogging — see his entry titled Community development of company policy. Excerpts:

Hyatt is president and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the publicly traded Christian publishing company that ranks as the world?s ninth-largest publisher of any kind. With 600 employees, the company achieved sales of nearly $223 million last year and earned $16.2 million. Companies that size usually develop their internal policies, well, internally. But on his blog, Nelson requested public coment on a proposed policy to govern employee blogging at his company.
Sharing a policy is cool. Seeking outside advice is outright daring, particularly in an industry as tradition-bound as publishing. The fact that it?s a blogging policy is no reason to minimize the move. Hyatt has opened the door to a new use of collaborative tools such as blogs. Why shouldn?t companies get help from one another?and from their audiences?on any number of internal policies?

My kudos to Hyatt for exemplifying corporate transparency (especially notable for a Christian organization!), using current technologies to engage audiences, even helping others with lessons learned and best practices.

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  1. Mark La Roi says:

    This is quite a site you’ve got going! Outstanding! (Thanks for your visit to mine. I can see I’ve got a lot of reading to do here!)

  2. Leon Shearer says:

    I am brand new at blogging, but I am not new at the issue of racial discrimination in the church nor in its failure to reach a cross the street as well as around the world. I have been in pastoral and mission ministry for a number of years. I will be reading your sight more.