Chinese don’t show emotions

Q: I visited your personal website (first time there). And I read most of your background info. I didn’t know your a pastor. And reading about your life as a kid with Chinese parents brings memories to me as well. I thought only my parents were like that, but after reading about other Chinese’s experience with their fathers tells me that my father is just the same. Why is that? Why dont fathers hug, say ‘i love you’ or show emotion?

ePastor >> One of the things the web does is help people get connected with others, even the smallest numbers of people who might have a peculiar hobby, or rare disease, and find mutual support, and know they’re not alone. For Asian Americans, the potential of connecting with others is great and needed. While 68% of Asian Am’s are online, more than any other ethnic grouping, the medium apparently isn’t connecting people at a personal level the way Asian Am’s are yearning for it — many of them still feel as if they’re the only ones with their struggles.

But because of our Asian culture, we’re not allowed to share openly and transparently, we have to be reserved and “save face” – thus denying the depths of our humanity and our need to connect with each other. And that same Asian culture, fathers don’t hug, show emotion, nor say “I love you”. They can do it in Christ, but they won’t because of their culture.

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