cheap domain registrar alternatives to Godaddy

You don’t have to for your domain name or web hosting. (I confess that I do use them on certain occasions.) Whether it’s a moral scruple or horror stories (cf, here’s a list of alternative domain name registrars that have competitive pricing (under $10 per year, in no particular order):

Of course, not all domain registrars are equal. Cost shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing a registrar. Read the fine print and reviews for customer support, responsiveness, and extra features that may be included in registration (like DNS management, Whois privacy…), or discount bundles with web hosting.

Useful web services for your research and consideration: Compare domain registrars side-by-side | – domain name price comparison search engine | – domain name statistics | – check domain availability as you type.

Add a comment to list more. I know there are many more registrars; cf. official list of ICANN-accredited registrars. Just haven’t done a price check for ’em all.

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