changes that come with time

I’d been coughing for over a week now, the annoying part is not only the cough, but also the phlegm. Finally got to see a doctor yesterday, and I was diagnosed with bronchitis and a mild asthma. Now I get to use an inhaler sometimes. And no more cigar time with buddies like Will or Robert or Rudy or Jeff. My lungs aren’t as strong as some, so that might be partly why my voice is not the loudest, and often feel strained to carry conversations amidst a crowded room.

The Meaders, my old friends from the Raleigh days (1995-1997), just stopped by for a visit, as they were going from New Jersey back to North Carolina. Jon and Yvonne were great neighbors and friends over the years, and now living life on the farm with their 2 boys. And Yvonne started blogging a few months ago, and now I can keep up, having turn on her Atom feed so I can subscribe. You can too.

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  1. rob says:

    Bummer. Rest up man.

  2. yvonne says:

    thanks deej, for helping me out on my blog!