cards on table

cool beans – TheOoze’s Soularize gets a write up; I’m out here in Cali for the long weekend (MDR to be exact), it is overcast at the moment, sure hope it clears up, tho’ I’m spending most of the time indoors this weekend for a conference.. got up 5am this morning to catch the cross-country plane ride (jetBlue, which is branding itself jetBoo for the day) and it arrived a bit late due to strong headwinds.. dined at lunch with a networking deal, and he’s a world traveller, loggin’ in 6-digits in air miles a year, and his tip to me was to stay awake during the afternoon and through the evening’s program, and then I’ll get adjusted better quicker. Okay, I’m game to give it a shot. I’m travelling lighter on this trip, so no laptop with me; using this PC terminal in the business center at the hotel to blog and check email. 🙂

recent thought crossing my radar: tho’ I’d prefer to play with all cards on the table, life experience is saying that I can’t do that when I come to the table with anyone and everyone. I think that stinks.

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