can you forgive Mark Driscoll?

The ever-edgy and often controversial Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church (Seattle) made a public confession of his personal failure in having lacked humility, in his November 4th sermon. For some, especially critics, this was blatantly obvious. For others, maybe this is a sign that there indeed is a God. Justin Taylor has a transcript of his confession aka mea culpa, for those of you who want to skim read it + see the buzz with 65 comments (at the time of this writing). I was transfixed watching the video; his best sermon ever.

And a tech note: took me well over an hour to clean up this website, which was hacked last night at 9:00pm. All my index files were overwritten with spam or goofy Flash graphics. At least it wasn’t offensively obscene. It was apparently a security vulnerability in an older version of WordPress, now upgraded. Pardon the disruption.

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  1. Tim Liu says:

    i listen to driscoll a lot (probably more than any other podcast, especially when i need that kick in the back side) and never felt that he was especially prideful. loud, opinionated, insensitive – probably – but he is always quick to point the finger back at himself and admit his own mistakes. in any case, it is great to see him exemplifying humility and transparency all the more.

  2. solomon li says:

    good find dj. i think he’s spot on with humility… hopefully his church will turn a corner as he desires them in understanding that they need not be “educated beyond obedience” as i’ve heard from a wise youth leader…

  3. Rudy says:

    Redneck sermon… hehehe, I like this guy.

    Anyone else think the narrator’s voice for the Phillip Bliss documentary sounds a lot like Jeffrey Combs (the Re-Animator guy)?