California Coasting in Aug/Sep

For those of you tuned in from the West Coast, I?ve been planning a trip out to California for 8/29 to 9/7.. flying out after work into Long Beach.. would enjoy meetin? up with you + get our scheds in sync; I?ll be hq?d with in-laws in Westminster/ Huntington Beach (OC).. what?s slated so far is: a friend?s wedding on Sat 8/30, Chinese American style, which would be lots of delicious food a la 7 or 9 courses, and lots of extended family, their friends, church family, and out of towners [the connection is from my wife?s side, and her childhood church], so I?ll hover around Orange County / Los Angeles from Friday evening of 8/29 to maybe Tues afternoon 9/2 [not set yet: deliberating whether to drive up or fly up via commuter flight, and when to do the jaunt].. 2 of my fav rendez-vous points: Starbucks + Jamba Juice .. email or IM me (AIM sn: djchuang) so we can meet up, first come first serve 🙂

Then I?ll be hovering around the Bay area, and hq?d at a friend?s in San Fran for a few days.. then drive out a few hours to a resort site on Fri 9/5 for a weekend conference, and on Sun 9/7 fly back East on a red eye out of Oakland, to hit the ground running for another work week.

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