buzz about the Amazing Grace movie

Had a good chat with Scott “ValueOfTheKingdom” Burness this week, and he wanted to spread the word about this Michael Medved interview with Producer Ken Wales, who’s got a new movie Amazing Grace coming soon to a theater near you and me. So all kinds of stakeholders, Christian churches, and ministries are rallying the troops to drive up the opening weekend box office.

So Scott is spreading the word about the via email to people, like this:

Brothers & Sisters! As many of you have already heard, the movie Amazing Grace (see the trailer here) opens Friday, the 23rd. This movie looks awesome– about the ending of the slave trade in the UK by evangelical William Wilberforce. John Piper wrote a book to go along with the release of the movie. <clipped>

I prefer to spread the word via the web and blog, and rather than getting the interview audio encoded into MP3, I like having the convenience of 1-click listening online. (Now, for audios of certain sermons that I consider keepers, I’d download and keep around, but for the rest, listen via web or streaming suits me fine.)

Great to hear Chris Tomlin‘s version of Amazing Grace in the movie trailer. My family got to sit in the Patriot Center’s nosebleed section 107 at last Friday’s sold-out Tomlin concert (“How Great Is Our God” tour). First time I’d heard Louie Giglio speak in person. Aus_chick has photos and a video clip.

Amazing Grace movie

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  1. Daniel says:

    Great post. I really encourage everyone to go see it THIS weekend in particular because the extent of distribution for this film will be based on its performance this weekend.

    Also, you might want to check out It’s the campaign behind this film for those who would like to do something about modern-day slavery.

  2. aus_chick says:

    oooh, thanks for the reminder. i’ll share that with our singles ministry tonight 🙂

  3. Jin says:

    Re: That is a great story of committed love, but it feels so good to have romantic love too!

    It’s good to have romantic love, but I think romantic love should be built on a foundation of committed love ^ ^ I think committed love lasts, but romantic love doesn’t always last

  4. liza says:

    Everyone please see this movie. Well done, and it really holds your attention the whole way through. Patricia Heaton is one of the producers. Albert Finney should get an Oscar for his role as John Newton.

  5. djchuang says:

    Our family watched this Amazing Grace movie on opening weekend, and we happened to catch a matinee in time during the Sunday snow fall, just in time before the theaters closed for the evening. The movie portrays a powerful real-life story, drawing out the human drama and struggle of accomplishing something as big as abolishing the slave trade in the British empire. Being a drama, it may be a bit too slow moving for the non-drama action/adventure movie fans, so they selectively through in a little romance in the story line to liven it up.

    The movie provoked me to think what is my big contribution in life. I’ve read recently that you can’t fake passion. And I think underneath it all, it is God who gives a person a grand vision, passion, and faith, and that’s what gives a person the perseverance to fight through the struggles and do amazing God-sized things to change the world.

  6. Lynette Abel says:

    I loved this film! William Wilberforce is an inspiration. He never sold out–though many encouraged him to, but worked with greater conviction, with greater kindness and imagination as his life went on to have the British slave trade abolished. I think Albert Finney was great as John Newton. There are many people who can and should learn from this important film. I think it’s one of the best this year. And I loved hearing “Amazing Grace” played on bagpipes!