Busy week, full pace, packed

Busy week, full pace, packed with conversations and work, as usual.. it’s been good to be on a routine with my managing of 2 jobs, and mostly routine and stable in the past 2 months or so.. clock out of the house from 7am-7pm, and then sleep time of 8-9 hours per night. A few hours that are left over, for those of you keeping score at home, I sync my laptop to my home desktop, and eat dinner, and that’s about it. Not much more activity. On weekends, a few more items.

I got to meet someone this week from a developing country, and he expressed the need for practical skills that can help their people, and how theoretical knowledge and information technology doesn’t really help them, especially when kids can’t get to school b/c they don’t have food in their stomach, parents need their help on the farm, and they don’t have school supplies, much less shoes. My heart was expanded to the real needs of people around the world, particularly poverty; and the thing of it is – it takes the generosity of those who have to help those who don’t have. But I couldn’t tell him that I was a theoretician, and I need help translating my ideas into action.

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