brush with megachurch greatness

I was a fan of late night tv during my college years, more Letterman than Carson/Leno.. what came to mind today was his “Brush with Greatness” interviews (where audience members tell stories of encounters with celebrities, and the staff writers embellish them a bit for extra chuckles), as I had one of those moments, this time with a megachurch gen-x pastor, one of churches I multichurch at on occasion.. this morning in fact, I was standing in the airline self-serve check-in line behind Ken Baugh of Frontline with his family.. there he was in person 5 feet away instead of 500 ft.. Roo and I banter on whether to go up and introduce ourselves, and we decided not to (she eggs me on to meet him and she won’t do it, whats-up-with-that?), since it was 5am, and lines were long, and there he was fidgeting most of the time, not in a chatty mood, and cuts out of our line, jumps over the red-carpeted first class line to reach another self-serve kiosk, and disappeared to the security check-in and gate.. we wait in line for maybe another 20 minutes, I cut over the line, try the kiosk TWICE, and it wasn’t able to print the travel documents for us… good chance that Ken’ll be on the same flight as my wife Roo (they’re both from SoCal, and attended Biola); will let you know if she has more stories.. [tech note: I was dropping off Roo and Jer, who are going ahead of me to Cali, I’ll join them on Sunday)

maybe I should beef up my blogging frequency and become a professional blogger (thanks Rudy for spotting it).. that’d be a fun job I think! I’d have to generate 7000+ daily visits to this website first, methinks; right now it’s hovering around 70+ a day, so alls we got to do is multiple by x 100 to go..

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