brush with Elisabeth

(this entry isn’t so pensive, but very exciting) this past weekend my wife (Rachelle, aka Roo) and I were in the Big Apple celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary, after missing our 5th anniversary last year due to both of us getting sick, laid up in bed, and cancelling our West Virginia spa weekend.. so I felt free to celebrate a little bit more by setting up a surprise weekend in New York City, reserved one pair of tix to Riverdance on Broadway (excellent interplay between differing cultures!), and then also got in last minute to a sold-out show of Blue Man Group, also a most excellent experience.. I did a number of New Yorky things: street vendor hot dog w/ the works, street side pretzel with mustard (dijon, mind you), cheesecake, hot Pastrami sandwich, rides on Subway, PATH, and yellow taxi, walking on the streets with a March of Dimes walk already in progress (just like a Hitchcock movie), shopping, people watching in the Village…… here is Roo’s account of a special event that happened on Sunday afternoon::

“Hi! I’m a BIG survivor fan. This past weekend my husband and I were in the Big Apple celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. On a sunny beautiful Sunday afternoon in Greenwich Village at 4:35pm I got the ultimate present. My husband passed by Elisabeth right on Broadway and Prince Street! I was crossing the street by then so I whipped around and started running up Broadway to catch her. It was right out of a movie! I ran right up to her left side and said softly, “excuse me, may I have your autograph real quick? I don’t want to cause a scene.” And Elisabeth was so gracious she stopped and we chatted! I told her I really wanted her and Roger to win and she said a big “yeah.” She signed the back of a white piece of paper for me which I am proudly going to frame (i didn’t bring a camera with me, DARN!) I told her she looked great, on the show and off, she was wearing a very New Yorkey camel colored coat and a pink shirt, her hair up and cool glasses. She was very recongnizable on the street and I don’t think anyone in NY “cares” about stars except tourists like me! Nobody stopped really to stare at her. She wished me and my husband happy anniversary. I asked if she was in NY with anyone and she wasn’t. Then it was over and we went our separate ways. I was so giddy with total unbelief I had no presence of mind to ask her to coffee or something. I was on my way to meet my sister, but if I thought about it more, I could have spent more time with her right there in Greenwich Village cuz’ she was all alone. It wouldn’t have hurt to ask.”

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