brief Q debrief

What an incredible time in Atlanta at Q! Loved getting to hang out with Kingdom-minded people. David Park of and I sat down to chat for 15 minutes about the past 55-hour experience at Q, and what it was about, how they did it, and what we loved. Listen to the conversational debrief:


Props to Gabe Lyons and Jeff Shinabarger for taking a huge step of faith to chase their dream for putting something together like this! BTW, confirmed first-hand with Jeff that Q was indeed inspired by TED.

Now that I’m blogging a day after all the high-energy fast-paced intense presentations and conversations, my throat hurts a bit from so many conversations (though I’m still here wanting more), and feeling a bit of the subtext for the celebration of entrepreneurship. Wondering out loud, I’m not sure what this means for the majority of people in this world who are not entrepreneurs.

Extra gratitude to David Park and his wife for opening their home to me for a couple of nights for very comfortable sleep.

[update] Duncan McFadzean (who came over the pond from Great Britain) over at “What’s your point caller?” posted his post-Q debrief, with highlights and not-so-highlights. I myself am hesitant to give any feedback that’d be remotely perceived as negative, because it was such a brilliant and outstanding effort. Excellent Q note-taking over at SBC Outpost, even generating 70+ comments on 1 post. Big Q photo set over at Aaron Linne’s Flickr.

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  1. DJ, thanks for that. You’re right on the negative points, I’ll strike those. Apologies. I’m tired…..

  2. Joseon_Illin says:

    Great convo. You and David should do a radio show together. I would tune in regularly…

    I hope to be at Q next year esp. if more Asian-American speakers are booked. I could see Ken Fong speaking at a conference like this…

  3. djchuang says:

    Jose, thanks for your kind words. There’s a remote (pun intended) possibility for a podcast if a dozen other people add a comment here, who’d want to listen to the two of us play pundits or give color commentary.

    So, anyone else want to listen to us? Chime in!

  4. Johnny Laird says:

    Hey DJ!

    The more I read about Q, the more I wish had been able to make it. It really sounds like an amazing event.

    Peace & Blessings