book blog for Leadership Network

Today marks the launch of a new book blog for discussions about books published by Leadership Network. It’s my first public-facing accomplishment in my role as Director of Digital Initiatives with Leadership Network, and there’ll be more to come in the coming months.

We’re starting with a discussion on Multi-site Church Revolution, which had sold out its first printing in 6 weeks. Granted, the book is several months old now, but I think it’s timeless as a very handy reference guide for churches that are exploring new ways of doing ministry by going multi-site. The book provides very practical models and guidelines to figure out how to connect one church that meets in multiple locations. I wrestled with whether to write an initial post about the purpose of the blog or the back story, but opted to just launch it, and maybe I’ll pick up the back story later on as things get rolling along. Right now I’m thinking along the lines of a “book of the month”, link up sample chapters, articles, and interviews, plus later on create a place for the books’ authors to enter conversations with its readers.

FYI, the closest multi-site church to where I live (in metro Washington DC) is National Community Church, which meets at Union Station, Ballston, and Ebenzers Coffeehouse, and McLean Bible Church is in process of launching multi-sites all around the Capital Beltway.

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