Bob Buford’s Top 10 Values

When it comes to vision and values, I wasn’t sure how that actually plays out, how to translate those values into reality, and what it would look like in everyday life. So when I got the latest issue of Bob Buford’s Muse-Letter (v 5.4) email newsletter, he shared the lifetime values he developed working with Peter Drucker, the ultimate global thinker. And now that I’ve been a part of Leadership Network, an organization he co-founded 25 years ago, I can see how these play out in the organization, and in his life too.

Here are his Top Ten Values as Peter taught them to him over their 20-year relationship:

  1. Build on the islands of health and strength.
  2. Work only with the receptive and only on what’s trying to happen.
  3. Go big or go home. Focus, don’t do dribs and drabs.
  4. Giving is not a result – changed lives are.
  5. The fruit of my work grows up on other people’s trees.
  6. The entrepreneurial-style leader is where the leverage begins.
  7. Bet on a great leader with a big idea.
  8. The essential ingredient for success is a steady stream of innovation.
  9. “It’s your job to release and direct energy, not to supply it.”
  10. Structure follows strategy, and strategy begins with clear desired outcomes. To What End?

And how inspiring it is to see how he’s focused his life to some core things that exemplify his calling. See these Cliff Notes [PDF] to how Bob Buford is living his life and using his time, talent, and treasure.

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