Blubet sent you a special gift too? is supposed to be social networking meets betting for fun — they call it social betting. It’s also generating a ton of emails that appear spam-like. I’ve gotten 3 Blubet invites, which were soon followed by 3 apologies (I’ve removed personal info as noted by – \/snip\/ )::

Hi everyone,

I accidentally sent out a blubet ‘gift.’ Don’t open this, because you might not know what it’ll do to the computer. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Please ignore my previous email, I accidentally clicked a link that spammed my entire contacts list. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dear All:

My apologies for this mass email; perhaps you’ve already received a spurious email, supposedly from me concerning a free gift from “BluBet.” Don’t open it; delete it, spam it, step on it, do whatever else, but don’t open it.

I don’t know how it sent emails to ALL my contacts even though I did not open the BluBet email.

I hope all’s well with you, this e-hiccup notwithstanding. Thanks for this, and this IS from me, \/snip\/, and I’ve got no gift for you, unfortunately.

So I don’t know what BluBet is doing, and who knows, some spammer or phisher might be posing as BluBet. The website looks legitimate enough, with a blog to boot, but I’m afraid to click on any links that purport to be from them — because I sure don’t want to inadvertently click somewhere wrong and send invites out to everyone in my address book.

And BluBet is persistent too. When I’ve ignored the first “special gift” invite, it comes back at me with this reminder email:


On Mar 03, 2008, \/snip\/ sent you an invitation to join BluBet.

On Sunday (Mar 16), this invitation will expire. Follow this link to join BluBet:\/snip\/

Signing up is free and takes less than a minute.

Please do not reply directly to this email. This message has been forwarded at the request of \/snip\/. BluBet will not use or retain your e-mail address for any other purpose as a result of this referral.

If you would prefer not to receive invitations from ANY BluBet members please click here
BluBet, Inc., 208 Utah Street, Suite 404, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.

Emails with embedded links seem so unsafe and risky. Have you found any solutions to persistent Blubet invite emails bearing special gifts? What would you do?

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11 Responses

  1. Lee Markosian says:

    My kid got that email and somehow found herself signed up on blubet. (Ok, she signed up, thinking her legitimate friend was trying to legitimately send her something.) I helped her cancel her blubet account. I assume it only emails everyone in your contacts list if you use MS Outlook? She was using gmail on linux (Asus Eee PC) so at least didn’t have that problem! (Which answers your question — a way to avoid this problem is use a different email program and/or OS 😉

  2. Lee Markosian says:

    Update: Oh I get it, it asks for your email login and password (e.g. at gmail). So yeah, if you type that in, being on linux won’t help.

  3. djchuang says:

    Lee, thanks for the comment and tip. I think the wise and shrewd thing to do is use a different password in the Blubet registration to better guard against it gaining access to Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo address books. I’m not sure how it could gain access to an Outlook address book.

  4. Dre says:

    how do i cancel my blubet account?

  5. ubay says:

    you can cancel your account by going to Home (on navigation bar), Account (on the right side), then scroll to bottom to Cancel Account.

    this is bollocks. the ONLY way it can find your contacts email addresses is if you sign into your email account on the Blubet website after you register. it ASKS you if you want to send invitations to your contacts. thats a risk some people are taking too lightly. i’d change my password if i were you. changing your Bluebet password is pointless – DON’T even enter your email account details on the website in the first place!! i emailed a friend of mine, and i’m waiting for her response to see if she emailed me the stupid present – a crappy VIRTUAL Tata Nano (indian make 😛 yugh!)

    it might be a legitimate website, or if it isn’t, it’s got plenty of legitimate users. it’s a gay, pointless website, another craze 😛

  6. natalia says:

    hi, how i can to open my gift?

  7. natalia says:

    thanks for your help !

  8. KM says:

    Blubet sux they are total spammers and are totally stupid! I mean what does it do? my teacher got an invite from an 11 year old girl called Violet!

  9. offeria says:


  10. Don says:

    Alii, komuangerang?

  11. tiberiu84 says:

    Just send some promotional mugs and I will be very happy. I have an entire collection of those.