I like reading blogs, particularly the ones that are more thoughtful, as contrasted with those that are pendantic and talk about events of the day or inane conversations.. ideas are far more interesting, and sometimes raw reactions can be thoughtful if it doesn’t get out of hand via emotional over-charge.. this one – sed nobis’s disappointed with sermon to President – prompted me to blog an entry (came across some other good blog entries also).. the whole idea of finding a voice, and voicing a voice.. and I sit here wondering about my voice, and how strong I can speak it, in the midst of peoples and audiences who would probably react, misunderstand, and reject.. but if indeed it is my voice, I would be able to voice it persuasively and passionately, for my voice would be my being, and my voicing it would be my calling.. it’s one of expression, it’s one of writing, it’s one of sharing, it’s one of contributing, it’s one of making a difference.. friends, don’t stay silent.. get blogging (and don’t spend too many entries talking about other blogs; but if you read enough blogs, you do see that blog entries do trigger other ideas, like this one.. and that’s not too bad a deal.. Zeldin is right – conversations do change people)

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  1. Hagan says:

    Boycott WJLA! Until they start showing Jimmy Kimmel Live, I will be boycotting ABC in my area. Join the boycott now!