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I’m back to the blogging world after a month’s hiatus to deep-dive and focus on editing a forthcoming book. Got an okay to readjust my priorities, so the pressure is off on our break-neck speed to edit and publish a book in a time frame of about 3 months, even while I and my proofreader friend have full-time jobs elsewhere. It is do-able when there’s no market pressure to make sales; plus, we’re planning on using a print-on-demand publisher with no setup fee.

Editing is a very detail-intensive task, and I don’t like it. I’ve been reading a dozen chapters from contributors who’ve written about youth ministry in an Asian American context, and scrutinizing every word for length, active voice, grammar, among other things. I much prefer the blogging voice for myself, to throw off the constraints of punctuation, grammar, and even capitalization, but for a book to be published, I’ve now experienced some of what it takes to put together a book that is readable and useful. I’m not sure how clear and compelling each chapter is, per se, but after the manuscript is put together in a few weeks, a handful of readers, and the contributors themselves, will provide feedback to polish that part of it up.

Now that I feel like I have bandwidth and capacity to resume my regular rhythm of blogging, which is maybe 2 or 3 posts a week, I’ll be starting up a conversation about the new book that I’d received via Amazon pre-order a few weeks ago: Growing Healthy Asian American Churches. Growing Healthy Asian American Churches That book is edited by Peter Cha, Steve Kang, Helen Lee (cf. my previous blog post about it in December), and I’m halfway through it already. It’s undoubtedly a seminal book! I don’t want to write a conventional book review, tho’ I will do that for when I wear my professional hat, and not a chapter-by-chapter color commentary. I’d like to comment on the book here in a more intuitive and unstructured manner, as we acclimated bloggers often do. So, stay tuned!

Alright, I took a break from blogging to edit, but I did make some time to sneak in a chapter reading here and there. 🙂 And, I’ve been troubleshooting Rudy’s old blog, who inadvertently torched his blog during a botched WordPress 2.0.1 upgrade; troubleshooting included several reinstalls, scouring the database tables, and reviewing config files. The biggest culprit: blank lines at the end of wp-config.php — yuk.

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  1. Tom Siwicki says:

    Looking forward to your comments and discussion on the Growing Healthy Asian American Churches book.

  2. Joey Chen says:

    i have Dr. Cha for a class this semester, i look forwarding to chatting with him about the book as well =)