blogging has taken the [internet]

blogging has taken the [internet] world by storm.. recently came across bloggies, an unsponsored [purist] blogger awards, now 2 years in the running.. after browsing their selection, I have to wonder if their sampling space of blogs is rather limited.. there are so many more blogs than what they’re finding for their little electronically voted winners.. it’s fascinating to see the textures and varieties of life and thought, as people share their perspectives on the world and life, while some only maintain a mundane list of events and activities.. having blogged since June of 1999, before this kind of thing was called a blog, it’s recently dawned on me that this mode of communication permits a different interaction than message boards or chat rooms.. boards provide some kind of dialogue and interaction among a group of people, but as the topics diverge and some reply with line-by-line or point-by-point counterviews, the thought processes get jumbled.. what I like about blogs is the single thread journey of the blogger, and how it can become the personification of a person’s own voice.. (and then there are those who are stuck in an ossified voice, be it traditionalist black-and-white binary worldview, or self-as-the-center worldview, or the life-is-so-boring-so-let’s-stay-entertained)

next stop.. New York City, for Labor Day weekend!

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