blogging from on high

I’m hailing from Vail, Colorado, this Memorial Day weekend, participating in a conversation about faith and culture. It’s called The Vine, a national gathering going on for 6 years now. Something I’d wanted to be a part of for years; this is the first time I’d been able to get it onto my schedule and make the trip. Good conversations, or at least, conversation starters. There’s a wide range of young professionals from many vocations and industries, Christian traditions, and around the country. I’ve had to drink pints of water to slowly get acclimated to the mile-high altitude; and shortness of breath is not conducive to enjoying more conversations.

The Vine has masterfully provided a framework for a variety of voices to be presented and represented in a safe place– every attendee comes as a presenter. The theme this year is Called to Relationships: being the City of God. I’m weighing in with 2 presentations titled, Virtually Incarnational: Relationships over the Internet, and Becoming a Multiracial Church. (These are mere 3 to 5 minutes briefs; manage your expectations accordingly.) The former I’ll type up from my raw notes from my Treo 600; the latter are a re-packaging of my previous blog entries on the multiracial church.

As an aside, I had thought of titling this entry, My Roommate was Andy Crouch. But I refrained, for lacking a creative bent to make it into a compelling read. Fictional fabrication and embellishment is not my forte’. For the record, he is a great roommate and an excellent conversationalist.

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