blogging frequency

for the astute readers here, you’ll notice that the date of the blog entries are not found in bold letters at the top of each entry, but relegated to the footer, in fine print.. this was by design, b/c I am probably clockin’ in an entry a bit less than once a week, and my thoughts are less time bound, and so I prefer to let them lay.. I was called on this recently, by a more frequent blogger.. and while some bloggers are much more religious about blogging daily, occasionally missing a day or two per week tops, I don’t have the 24/7 internet connectivity to blog more efficiently and more often, tho’ with my newest PDA+cell phone combo data device (as the Handspring Treo 600 is being touted as), I’m investigating alternative setups for me to blog without having to sit at my desktop PC..

sobering moments this Christmas, doing that holiday routines with extended family, and hearing of tragic losses of distant friends and 2 untimely deaths of their close relatives.. it alerted me to letting go of frustrations and tapping into graciousness for those who might “get on our nerves”, that it’s better to have them around with their idiosycracies and quirks, than to lose them to disease or violence..

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  1. jen lemen says:

    dj, i’m sorry to hear about these losses in your family. i hope you guys are okay…let us know what’s up!

  2. rc says:

    for whatever it’s worth i don’t think i would blog as much i do if i did not have wireless dsl

  3. Daniel says:

    As much as I’d love to read your thoughts and learn from your insight more often (and I’m sure I’m not alone here), I understand and respect your blogging philosophy…I would probably benefit from posting less frequently and putting more thought and prayer into each post as well…

  4. Imei says:

    At the risk of repeating myself (I really only know a few things, so I feel like I just repackage those things over and over), I already feel so overwhelmed on the Info Superhwy. More is not always more; it’s just more.

    Just a thought. I think the creators of Alias made a good shift when they made each episode not formulaic, but more complete and easy to enter, even for a newcomer. The fact I can jump into a single blog entry without having to read all the ones before is a definite plus. I frankly don’t mind whether you post the entry date above, below, on the side, in the middle, or have it walking across the screen on a dancing camel.

    I am sorry for the losses in your extended family. It certainly puts things into perspective.

  5. djchuang says:

    just thought of this (a few days late, I know) — while I’m not able to boast of blogging frequencies like once or multiple times per day, I’ve been blogging longer than any of you — I’ve been blogging since 1999! 🙂