blogging by megachurches and their pastors

Yes, megachurch pastors are reading and commenting on blogs, most recent notables include Andy Stanley and Tim Keller. They’ve both commented on the thread started by pomomusings’ brief comments about his reactions to visiting North Point Community Church.

When I was in Atlanta earlier this year, I tried to go to North Point, for their Tuesday night 7:22 gig. But I never made it because traffic was so congested. I figured if I couldn’t get there on time, I’d miss the whole setup and the flow of the quality production.

Oh, congratulations to Brian Bailey and Terry Storch for getting a book deal about the blogging church. Both of them are part of the megachurch Fellowship Church, noted for its rooftop branding of – viewable from certain takeoffs and landings into DFW, and Google’s satellite map.

Now would any of those pastors stop by here and drop a comment? Not likely, since I did not make some sardonic remark about a visit to their church. I have visited Redeemer on a number of occasions. Ooo, I see their website now has a splash page -not the best move, one more click for people to get to where they want to get to.

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