Blogging at #mosaix2013 Multi-ethnic Church Conference

Around 1,000 church leaders will be gathering this week for the 2nd national multiethnic church conference, hosted by Mosaix Global Network! It’s happening this Tuesday and Wednesday, November 5-6, and free livestream video was just announced, so there will likely be 1,000+ joining in online too! Is this exciting or what?! The conversations are already streaming on Twitter using hashtag #mosaix2013 + here’s a list of active bloggers who are coming to #mosaix2013

  • Christena Cleveland
  • David Swanson
  • Derwin Gray
  • DJ Chuang
  • Efrem Smith
  • Eugene Cho
  • Mark DeYmaz
  • Robyn Afrik
  • Scott Williams
  • Soong-Chan Rah

I also know of some people with inactive blogs, and many people who aren’t blogging yet, coming to #mosaix2013. If you’re blogging about #mosaix2013 and/or this historic event could launch (or re-launch) your own blogging history, please do add a comment so I can add you to the list! Your voice is important and there’s no faster way to get it out to the world than blogging!

// [update] articles + blog posts about the amazing #mosaix2013 gathering::

My Time at the Mosaix Multi-Ethnic Church Conference: Being multi-ethnic is intrinsic to Christianity. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. by David Swanson at Leadership Journal’s Out of Ur blog

Multi-Ethnic Ministry Takes Center Stage by Lindy Lowry for Exponential Network

Mosaix 2013 ~ quotes and reflections – Kelly Soifer

Contextualizing Not Franchising – David Swanson

Multi-ethnic for the sake of the gospel: Mosaix 2013 Conference – David Drury

#audio 180 with Karl Clauson was broadcasting live at #mosaix2013 Day 1 + Day 2 (1160 AM Chicago Christian Talk radio) – interviews with many speakers!

My Experience at the #Mosaix2013 Multi-Ethnic Church Conference – Danny Slavich

#article Pastors Take on the Biblical Challenge to Reflect the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the Multi-Ethnic Church at Mosaix 2013 (Christian Post)

National church conference focuses on ethnic, economic diversity by Bianca Ontiveros for The Clause, student publication of Azusa Pacific University

This Means War: A Pastor’s Wife Speaks – Carla Hendricks

Dangerous Act: Hoarding the Grace of God – Natasha Sistrunk Robinson


[disclosure: I’m a board member of Mosaix Global Network and you can be a member too]

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6 Responses

  1. I’m really sorry to miss the conference this year….but very thankful for the live stream planned! Thank you!

  2. DJ, I’m gonna be there too, along with several friends of mine from a little collective we call the Multicultural Worship Leaders Network ( I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll do, but I’ll at least be tweeting about it.

    • DJ Chuang says:

      Jelani, great to hear you’re taking in the Mosaic experience with a few friends, hope to connect with all of you in person this week and hear of what’s going on in pnw

  3. Rich says:

    Man! I wish I could be there with my friend Chad Brennan from ReNew Partnerships. I’ll try to catch some of that live feed. Thanks to Mosaix for the live love.

  4. joshbritt says:

    Wished I could have been there! I know it was amazing! Hope to make it next year!!!!