blogging as influence

AOL brought together some hot bloggers to get a then-secret session to preview their AOL blog tool.. and with some 50% of the online world?s users, it?s good to see them bring the latest + greatest of internet tools to the [other half of the] masses.. I was first tipped to this event at BuzzMachine and then clicked thru to see this comment:

?Why are influential bloggers influential? They have ideas, and aren?t shy about expressing them. ?

That?s why I?m a blogger, I believe in self-expression, I?m into ideas, and, I believe in transparency and honesty, even to the nTH degree 🙂 We need not fear [in this country, at this moment, anyways] from self-expression, and done with decorum, it?s quite valuable.. plus it does help to be able to write decently.. except, in some Christian and church contexts, such honesty isn?t encouraged nor embraced in the open – and issues related to sex, money, politics, problems, leader?s vulnerability, et al, are hushed. Sad.

I?m signing off now [in my other window] from an IM with George, who shared a few very kind words about my website?s content.. very rarely do people actually let me know what this website has meant to them, or how God?s used a word here to do something in their lives.. very, very heart warming..

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