bloggers meetup

bloggers meetup
Busy day yesterday with a deadline for a website redesign launch, getting all the approvals in place, going live on Tuesday 9/20. More commentary on the thinking behind the redesign, after it launches. Last night, met up with a bunch of my virtual friends at an invite-only Acton Institute conference they were at (I just crashed the gig):

Noel, Rudy, DJ, Jeremy, Liz, and Abner

Other bloggers there, not pictured: Marcus Thorne, Anthony Bradley

[update: I recorded a few sound bites from the evening session, just using my laptop’s built-in mic, and I’m amazed how well it picked up the mic: listen here and here – MP3 format]

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  1. David Ramos says:


    This sounded like a marvelous meeting of brilliant minds, movers and shakers. We need more think tanks like this that are imperative for quantum leaps for social and spiritual breakthroughs.


  2. DJ,

    It was great to meet you. Hope it’s the first of many more opportunities to connect!


  3. Lusidvicel says:

    Hello, i love! Let me in, please 🙂