bloggers at EC Nashville

while surfing the web via dial-up, found a handful of bloggers buzz’ing about EC here in Nashville, since I’m not vicarious on this one, I’ll leave it to others to do the linking – Paradox.Typepad has a great list going, even tho’ I’ve not made it on the list yet; did meet Adam Cleveland, Jay Voorhes (man, he’s connected! and not just virtually via internet, but via real relationships, I’m envious), and hung out with Jen and her gang through the evening.. delicious burgers from Ted’s Montana Grill, somewhere else in Nashville West End, to which I was carted off in a small sedan,, thanks for the lift Kim! Enjoyed the company and the social dynamics of a conversationally expressive family (notably different from my foo

good to hear of the anticipated turnout for the multicultural church luncheon today, see info at, the menu is Mexican, and the cost is free.. I’d anticipate a few more will show up for the food, the company, and the conversation, not necessarily in that order 🙂

okay, hot off the wire, just decided, will wear my Hawaiian shirt today, blogger shirt tomorrow, and save my domain-named t-shirt for Friday.. if you’re at EC Nashville and spot an Asian guy with goatee, that’s 99% probably me. Say hello, let’s dialogue, and/or SMS txt msg me at my home page (on right). Yes, the attendees are still largely white and male.. it’s okay, makes it easier for the others to be distinguished from the indistinguishable..

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