Bloggercon wannabe

Bloggercon is happening today in the Bay area, other side of the US from me. Wish I could be there. (Tho’ there was JournalCon here in DC this summer, and I couldn’t make it due to scheduling, so it’s not just b/c of geographical proximity). There is audio webcasting, so I might pick up some sound bites, schedule pending. (weekends are family time, somewhat, we make it happen amidst some of my multitasking tendencies)

I’m glad to see 2 Asian bloggers represented as discussion leaders: Enoch Choi and Julie Leung. I’m particularly interested in Julie’s discussion, as she guides an exploration on the Emotional Life of Weblogs.

I’ve found that Asians are (much) less apt to be emotionally transparent and vulnerable, online and offine both, and the feedback I get from some of my blog (and website) readers, usually offline, is that I’m so unconventionally transparent for an Asian. So I’m always curious to find, and have a hard time finding, Asians who’d be willing to “go there” with me. Temper tantrums, emotional outbursts, bridge-burning, and/or emotion-protecting face-saving protocols don’t count.

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  1. enoch choi says:

    oh, and i’ll “go there” with ya. i’m working to be more honest in my blog. check out my wife’s. more honesty than is comfortable to me, but kudos to her.

  2. enoch choi says:

    thanks for the support DJ. you’re right, very few asians. 3 women (see my post on new friends): MJK, nichole lee, courtney patubo.

    few asian male programmers and one professor of CS from foothill college.

    both my and Julie’s sessions went well.

    btw, julie’s caucasian, but married to an old brown buddie of mine who’s chinese. i’d consider her honorarily asian, by virtue of her personality fitting our culture, and cooking more asian food than i see most of my asian friends 😉

  3. medmusings says:

    missed friends
    the feel at bloggercon III was so different than at BC I. successfully avoided focus on the A-listers, more women, younger crowd, so many programmers. more aggressive and a bit antagonistic tone in some popular sessions, so i stuck to the smaller group…

  4. enoch choi says:

    another christian cantonese woman blogger: