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more conversations today than usual, and that makes me happy, mostly; one person picked up in my tone of voice some tension, to which I confess I felt, but I didn’t know where it was coming from. I had a good negotiation phone call earlier in the day, something I had been dreading for days, and then turns out I didn’t have to negotiate it, b/c the terms of the contract were actually okay, and we weren’t stuck with something irrevocable as I had thought.. WHEW.. sigh of relief.. but a few hours later, I’m feeling tension in my shoulders, and I’m beginning to have more of those incidents where I notice it now.. and that is usually a sign of some kind of stress.. and I certainly hope it’s not a sign of burnout, as I had been working 2 jobs now for going on 4 years, come this November.. off to bed – early morning meeting.

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