blog titles I’ve thought about writing

In my blog dashboard, I’ve got dozens of blog titles that I’ve queued up in the Drafts folder. Some have sat there for months, a few even years.


credit: ganesha_isis

Rather than keeping them hidden from public view, I’m going to release them as a sneak preview. No guarantee that all or any of them will be written due to my human limitedness. I’m not a workaholic nor do I have all the time in the world. Perhaps these headlines will inspire you to write a blog post in response. In no particular order, here the list:

  • Towards personal branding or organizational entity
  • is bigger and better really better?
  • Can you apologize too much?
  • how to get WiFi at conference events
  • Deciding whether to have ads or not
  • streaming radio and online music
  • search 9 Bibles all at once
  • Having more than one job
  • Let someone know everything, or else
  • how does doing flow from being
  • how to switch from Ning to BuddyPress
  • Attitudes & beliefs & opinions colors how we live
  • when people on stage don’t match the people in audience
  • How twitter can make you a better communicator
  • editable websites with info on churches
  • Others perceive more than what you perceive
  • why do you do what you do
  • re-explaining the online world again
  • zeal more than excellence
  • why I love counselors
  • business strategy for a loose-knit marketing network
  • owning my spirituality
  • getting past past sex lives
  • veteran onliners
  • defining leadership
  • how to deal with negative social media feedback
  • men and women can be friends

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3 Responses

  1. Kenny says:

    I’m voting up “owning my spirituality” and “Having more than one job”