bleary weary

how can I not stop by and say a few words, after a full day of onlining and computing, probably the most hours I’ve logged in recent years… got up early like at 5:00am (my thing is, when I wake up, I stay up, no use trying to get back to sleep), got online.. did a more local morning commute, shuttling the fam’ around, put the other car in the shop, post office run, emailed all day, some website sightings, some blogreading via rss, some document writing, afternoon shuttling the fam around (that’s how it is when parents drive their kids to school, instead of using a school bus; we can’t do the bus in our scenario b/c of Jer being in a private school), a late afternoon nap, dinner, and then more onlining until now.. might get to work under the hood of the church website sometime..

but that’s not why you’re here.. you want the juice, you want intel (cf. ALIAS

oh, I got this bit to share : in a few weeks, I’ll be making a significant announcement about my online presence – a new opportunity, a new channel, a new launch.. and it’ll all happen the week of EC Nashville, I’ll be there live and in person, having been EC Vicarious for over 2 years, and hope to see many of you there! While there, will be a resource person for a multicultural church conversational luncheon..

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