birthday milestones and free meals

This weekend I gathered a bunch of friends for my 40th birthday celebration (I’m obtuse about my posting my birthdate because of concerns over identity theft, for which you never want to publish your birthdate or social security number, and other personally identifiable information). We enjoyed an all-you-can-eat crab feast, played a bingo game (PDF) about my life, and we had a handful of bloggers in the mix, including: Natala and Matt, Ken, Dave and Jen, and my brother Deef. And Scott would want to mention the community blog at where we have people everywhere sharing how the Bible is changing their lives today.

Many restaurants take birthdays as an opportunity to build brand-loyalty and marketing, some even do a song-and-dance to slightly embarrass the birthday person. is the best database-driven list of free lunches, dinners, and/or desserts that a birthday person can get for showing up (and showing an ID). The freebies I enjoyed this year was a California Tortilla burrito and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cone! (for searchers: free birthday meals, birthday lunch, birthday dinner, free birthday desserts, birthday freebies)

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  1. auschick says:

    happy birthday! glad you had a great time 🙂

  2. Joe Suh says:

    Happy Birthday DJ! Interesting concept – Bingo game about someone’s life. Hmm… hard to visualize but sounds fun nevertheless!

    The birthdate identification thing is also food for thought… hmm.

  3. gavin says:

    happy b’day dj!

  4. gordon wu says:

    Happy Bday!!

  5. Dave Lemen says:

    Deej, it was fun celebrating with you. The crab feast was kickin’, and you couldn’t have put us at a better table.

  6. enoch choi says:

    happy bday! just watch out for the datestamp of public pictures on flickr…

  7. scott says:

    It was a great party DJ. I do appreciate the mention of our blog;-).