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  1. Jesus says:

    I WANT AIM +

  2. djchuang says:

    While the Big-O Software website is down (for what reason, I don’t know), you could download the AIM+ software from

    NOTE: AIM+ is NOT fully compatible with AIM 5.x.

  3. dude, holy *, ive spent like 2 hours lookin for this cuz i had to delete it and re-download it, thank you omg, very much appreciated

  4. Jake says:

    R3AL1Z3, dudeomgtrygoogle, like omg.

  5. karley says:

    aim + is hard to the core!!!! hXc!

  6. vchm says:

    does it work w/ aim 6.3b???
    it doesn’t for me

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