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Over a pastor’s fellowship luncheon, one pastor shared a sneak preview of a promotional campaign he was doing, and how we were not to talk to his church people about it until after its mid-December launch. And I jokingly said that I’m a blogger, and I can leak information like that out to the world pretty quickly. (tho’, of course I wouldn’t, when I’m kindly asked; plus, in my paid jobs, I’m having to be precarious about what I can or cannot say)

Well, now we’re hearing a little about the possibility of legal action on for having prematurely linked to audio of the fateful Final Jeopardy (FJ, in fan-speak) portion. Now that it’s come and gone, you’d think the point is moot. But maybe not.

While the genre of reality shows can contractually obligate its contestants to be hushed until air time, the same is not actually in place for bloggers. What can be done is them cease-and-desist kinda things, I suppose. It’s just all kinda crazy and kinda ugly.

[updated: puts forth a call for lawyers to form a Bloggers’ Legal Defense Society, courtesy]

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