Big Easter Celebration without church brand

You’re invited to the celebrate Easter with me and 1,000s of others tomorrow — there’s a huge Easter Celebration tomorrow (Sun 4/12) at the Pacific Amphitheater (OC Fair & Event Center) in Costa Mesa, California. 9:00am and 11:15am. It’s a big deal — the amphitheater has 8,500 seats! Of course the event is free, and hospitality will overflow with donuts, coffee, and bottled water.


The incognito church is Rock Harbor. The church has estimated weekend attendance of around 5,000 (according to Wikipedia). This un-branding approach does fit their value for “giving ourselves away.”

It is common practice for churches (or any other organization) to host a community event as a way of attracting and inviting people to their church (or organization). At this Easter Celebration, the event website lists more than a dozen churches in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Yet, far as I know, only this one church is (primarily?) running the event.

Do you know of any other (large-ish) churches that would do a large-ish event, yet without advertising their church?

I’d be curious what Dawn Nicole Baldwin thinks of this.

[disclosure: Rock Harbor is my home church.]

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8 Responses

  1. marcpayan says:

    Very Neat!!

    I want to visit Rock Harbor soon..


  2. Steve says:

    Knowing how this society is these days, don't be surprised if you're criticized for not being open about who you are. Eventually someone in the press will write an article or do a TV report insinuating that you guys are trying to deceive people by not being up front about your church's identity.

    Next thing you know, 60 Minutes will be investigating if Rock Harbor is a cult…