beyond banter in the wired city

finally a web site for the most wired city in the country (and probably by default, the world)– Washington DC.. you’d figure there would be some great Washington DC portal with 60% of the city wired, but nooooo.. it’s taken months to get something hopping going on, and this one is sponsored by the big newspaper Washington Post..

we finally got our kitchen counter and sink in place last Saturday, so we celebrated with steaks on the indoor grill; will have pictures on the web soon.. it was delicious! and this week we’re having some open house time with people, just time to hang out and enjoy people at our home.

I’ve been feeling a bit ‘out of it’ recently, haven’t had a good engaging dialogue in a while, it might be the holiday banter lagging on, but i sure do enjoy good conversations. maybe i’ll stick to finishing my web redesign until i get the whole site overhauled

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